June 16, 2024

For any woman, becoming pregnant is the most natural thing, and yet often it is not as easy as we would hope. One thing for sure is that you do have to put thought into it, but at the same time you cannot be so fussy that you end up unnecessarily delaying this process of womanhood.


The White Race needs millions more of us, and we Creator women should aim to have a reproductive rate that is no lower than any other group. Bearing children should be fun and give the ultimate sense of achievement.


First things first for a woman is finding a mate. It is worth considering eugenic factors in this as far as you reasonably can. We Creators value the family structure of one man one woman raising a family together. However, if finding a healthy and suitable mate is holding a woman back, we Creators would follow the view that was taken by Adolf Hitler among others that having a healthy White baby even outside of a partnership is preferable to wasting your fertile years. I doubt I need to spell out the implications there, but of course do be careful that it does not cause unhappiness or difficulty that may break the Golden Rule: What is Good For the White Race is the Highest Virtue and What is Bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.


Right from the start of our lives, women should be eating a healthy diet (if not necessarily that advocated in “Salubrious Living” as you should do your own research into which foods are best to nourish a pregnant woman and which ones can in fact be dangerous).


A pre-pregnancy essential is the mineral called folic acid. Any woman who may become pregnant should best be eating foods containing high amounts of this, and there are also very inexpensive supplements which are only known to be very helpful in preventing defects such as spina bifida in the child.


Physical fitness is essential also. If you can train your body and get in good shape your chances of an easy and successful pregnancy and series of pregnancies is vastly improved. Being overweight causes many problems – which I will not list here but you can easily research.


Certain foods are associated with higher chance of birth defects or miscarriage and so are many medicines. You should not be drinking alcohol and needless to say you should never have been using recreational drugs ever in your life but especially not when planning a pregnancy.


It is also important for the prospective father to be healthy and there are things both of you can do to increase your chances of conceiving.  Rev Jane

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