June 16, 2024


We live in a cold, dark society. A place where our people have become selfish and withdrawn. We’ve tried, to our detriment, to fit into this so called society that now deems us pariahs. We have stopped fighting not only for ourselves, but for our future generations. It’s a heavy burden to bear knowing what lays in store for our people, if we stay on this path. We have tried to fight back against those who seek to destroy us, but it comes with a price. It’s a natural reaction to want to stand and fight against it, but we cannot continue fighting in the manner we have been. We are only destroying ourselves more in the process. Sacrificing what little we have left just to quell the anger within. We must change our way of thinking and be tactful when addressing such matters. Our once great society has fallen and turned to ash. We must rise from this ash and build anew.

Texas Heathen