June 16, 2024

As usual I am going to be very brief and to-the-point here even though this is a subject one would have to write a book about to do justice to it.

In this context, “western culture” is simply the way of life as it is promoted in the geographical areas of the world deemed to be “western”. These would be Europe, and other countries inhabited most recently by a now dwindling White majority – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America – to some extent South Africa and even Jamaica and the West Indies. You can add a lot of Black Africa and South America – to the extent that they have embraced the prescribed western ideals. In particular the more the cultures of these countries resemble the materialist ideals of the culture in the United States the more “western” they may be deemed. There is also an association between Christianity and the “western” categorization of these populations.

Worth a mention is that the Russian foreign minister Serge Lavrov looks forward to what he calls a “post West world”. [LINK] We also know that the Muslim countries in the Middle East look with great disdain on “the west”. Lavrov was aiming his remarks particularly against NATO and American exceptionalism. The Muslims are annoyed with the fealty of the “west” to Israel and the degenerate “values” of the culture, as well as the way it is spread through wars pretending to bring some kind of enlightenment to them.

Western culture for most people around the world is full of arrogant pathological degeneracy – even for those who like it although they would not describe it in those words. For those who live in the west, that is the situation we are supposed to fervently support, enforced by law, politics and the media. Various forms of sexual deviancy are protected and we are told we should fight wars to bring this type of “freedom” to the rest of the world. Individualism and an economic view based on accumulating material goods and self indulgence underpins the shallow consumer mentality. Western values, western virtues, are listed as being to do primarily with so-called freedom and tolerance. This is to contrast with other countries that enforce traditional and life-orientated (non pathological) standards to protect a family-based society from the cultural Marxist/capitalist blend that is brought with “western” culture and its phony “democracy”. Democracy is another “western” trope.

We Creators use the term “White Civilization” because we want to distinguish that from the pathological Jewish “western culture”. If you champion what you call “western values” you may not think you are signing up to the whole gamut of harmful destructive ideas I have alluded to – but you have signed up. If you say “western culture” in place of “White civilization” – which includes various White cultures only in the sense that at some time these White cultures were not distorted by Semitic ideas – then you are supporting the effort to spread the disease and setting yourself in opposition to those who hate what they reasonably consider to be “western”. Do not delude yourself on this. We champion White civilization and we do not recognize “western culture” as being worth spilling a drop of blood to protect or promote.

Rev Jane 3/17/17