June 16, 2024


Spirituality within Creativity

For several years I have lived by the following ideals of Creativity, yet, by any matter, I don’t feel bad. Moreover, I feel fulfilled and healthier.


Personally, I am one of those who was raised in Christian environment, I have all my sacraments, I visited countless masses, I made a lot of confessions, communions, pilgrimages, gatherings of believers and so on. I’ve never felt bad about it, nor have I ever attacked Christians because of their faith, or impose my ideals as a substitute for theirs, after I started to follow Creativity. Although I know and see where Christianity leads our people, and how it no longer has anything to do with nationalism, as many in Europe say ‘It’s part of our culture’. I spread my ideals in real life, because they are the best proof that Creativity makes sense, especially in the spiritual case.


Because we don’t believe in any from of supernatural being who supposedly created the universe and people, does not mean that we are spiritually empty. For a man ‘full of emptiness’ is not a man, and that kind of man decays at a very high speed, physically and mentally. On the contrary, Creativity doesn’t negate the existence of spirituality, nor prohibits it. Better to say, spirituality cannot be equated with divine beings and that’s why Creators are spiritual beings.


Spiritless people are insensitive, they don’t feel any kind of joy in life, they cannot love or care about others, they even cannot be a moment with themselves alone, to deal with their ‘inner demons’ who prey on them. We, on the other hand, we do not feel any of that because we have our clear guideline, which has no supernatural existence, but rather realistic.


Spirituality exist within Creativity, although it may not be simply described in some common words, but it is an abstract form of spirituality and it depends on each individual separately. Therefore, it’s sometimes hard to explain this spiritual fullness to other people. And this one is sometimes hard to explain even by ‘religious’ people.


Race, as our main holiness is something that fulfills man with numerous positive emotions, especially in the moments when you think about all that we have achieved during our time in this world, and what more we can do if we are to get free from our shackles. It is clear that throughout history, there were many negative aspects, however, they should be seen just as history itself should be seen – as learning from mistakes.


Besides, it is often enough to go far away from ‘civilization’ into the nature, sometimes even totally alone, and observe natural life around you. This will sound silly to some, but to underestimate this experience is hypocritical and empty.


‘Meditations’ and other forms of connecting with yout ‘inner self’ and thinking about yourself, about society, about nature, about everything that surrounds you, all this has largely positive effect on the man, and there’s no need for involving any kind of deity or some religious dogma in this. Using these methods, we are getting know ourselves, and our deepest thoughts – we become honest with ourselves. Sounds like some typical new age bull***t, right?


On the contrary, those who follow some kind of ‘new age’ practices may actually feel calmer and fulfilled spiritually, but their sense of being is lost because of their lack of racial loyalty and sense of belonging, or more often because of their negative views on racialism in general. As a result, the guiding principle that is rooted in our distant past of our ancestors disappears, and with disappearance of this link, connection with our ancestors also disappears, as well as self-respect for ourselves and respect for what we are left to care and improve.


Creativity in every aspect, from playing with kids, through learning, reading, active work and participating in a group of healthy people, as well as simple commitment to ourselves, is something that fulfills us and bring us confidence.


This is a short personal story from my own experience, and it briefly captures only a small segment of what Creativity really is, at least in spiritual sense. Those who are attacking us because we don’t believe in supernatural beings, can freely continue to do so, because we have become aware long time ago of how those stories have no importance for us, especially when they come from people who never experienced Creativity in their life. A man who’s talking about something he has not experienced, speaks empty words.


Therefore, it can be said that even in Creativity exists a certain dose of some form of transcendence, but solely on personal basis of every individual. But we still don’t ask ourselves ‘who made us’ or even those with no reply, ‘why we exist?’ Some answers are simply impossible to get today, at least not yet. Besides, our race has too big of problems at the moment, so spending time on these useless questions is a truly waste of time.


After all, our guideline is to fight for our race, and this battle must be waged on all fronts. Spirituality is very important, because if you don’t know your innermost feelings, deepest thoughts and ideas, you are not ready to fight a battle with a huge amount of enemies. Whether you believe in a deity, or you are close to Creativity, our race, and our nations, are the most important values at the moment. These are the things that seek all of our attention.

By Karla, TCM Croatia

Article was taken from Croatian zine Revolt, No. 35.


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