June 16, 2024

Facts Questions & Answers

Who is the “Creator”?
The White Race. White people are the creators of all worthwhile culture and civilization. Also, believers in our racial religion are called Creators.

If you were to sum up the objective of your religion, Creativity, in one sentence what would that be?
That objective would be: The Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.

Why is that so important?
It is a matter of priorities. Our religion is based on the ultimate of all truths: The Eternal Laws of Nature. Nature tells each species to expand and upgrade itself to the utmost of its abilities. Since the White Race is Nature’s finest achievement and since we encompass the White Race, there can hardly be any other goal that even compares in importance.

As a rule, racists and anti-Semites reject those labels. You embrace them. Why?
Because the first prerequisite to our attaining victory is to be completely honest about what we are and what we are not. We are racists because we believe in Race. We are anti-Semites because we oppose the Jews.

Isn’t your religion based on hate?
No, on the contrary, it is based on love–love for the White Race. Besides being based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, Creativity furthermore is based on the lessons of history, on logic and common sense.

Creativity is often associated with words like “hatemonger,” “hate group,” “hate speech.” Is this fair?
No, it isn’t fair since every group–whatever it may be–hates something or someone. Since other groups aren’t labelled “hate” groups, etc., why should we be singled out like this? We don’t exist out of hatred for the other races but out of love for our own Race.

But isn’t it part and parcel of your religion to hate the Jews, blacks and other colored people?
True, but if you love and want to defend those whom you love, your own family, your own White Race; then hate for your enemies comes natural and is inevitable. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Only a hypocrite and a liar will go into battle against his enemies proclaiming love.

But weren’t all the atrocities committed by Christians throughout history done by people who were not following Christianity’s teaching of love?
Since these killings, tortures, and persecutions were carried on by the highest leaders and authorities of the various Churches themselves, such as the Popes, by Zwingli, Luther, Calvin, etc., we must presume that the teachings of Christianity, which at best are ambiguous, contradictory and hypocritical, must be held responsible for producing these kinds of people and this kind of insanity. But if we turn to the New Testament, we find Christ himself dispensing such hateful advice as, for example, in Luke 14:26: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother and wife, and children, and brethren and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” What idiotic and destructive advice!

What then is CREATIVITY’S final position on love and hate?
We follow the eternal wisdom of Nature’s laws, which are completely opposite to the suicidal teachings of Christianity. Whereas Christianity says to “love your enemies” and to hate your own kind (see, e.g., Luke 14:26), we say just the opposite. We say that in order to survive, we must overcome and destroy those that are a threat to our existence; namely, our deadly enemies. At the same time, we advocate love and protection for those that are near and dear to us: our family and our own race, which is an extension of the family.

How does this differ from Christianity?
Christianity teaches love your enemies and hate your own kind, while we teach exactly the opposite, namely hate and destroy your enemies and love your own kind. Whereas Christianity’s teachings are suicidal, our creed brings out the best creative and constructive forces inherent to the White Race. Whereas Christians are destroyers, we are builders.

What do you mean about Christianity being a destroyer?
Christianity teaches such destructive advice as “love your enemies”,”sell all thou hast and give it to the poor”, “resist not evil”, “judge not”, “turn the other cheek.” Anybody that followed such suicidal advice would soon destroy themselves, their family, their race and their country.

If Christianity is as destructive as you say it is, how do you explain the fact that it has survived for nearly 2,000 years?
Smallpox has survived for longer than that, but the damage it has perpetrated on its victims has been devastating. Similarly, the creed and the church have survived for nearly 2,000 years, but the horrible damage it has wrought on the White Race is something else again. The Jews primary objective in concocting Christianity was to destroy their mortal enemies, the Roman Empire. In this they were successful beyond their wildest dreams. Two thousand years ago, before the advent of Christianity, the Roman Empire had reached an astoundingly high level of civilization, art, literature, law-giving, road building, language, and in dozens of other fields that are the hallmarks of progress in the White Man’s civilization. Beginning with the reign of Augustus Caesar, Rome enjoyed two centuries of peace and prosperity (known as Pax Romana), the longest such span in history. As Christianity spread, and more and more poisoned the Roman mind, the good Roman citizens lost touch with reality and their minds meandered off into the “never-never land” of the spooks in the sky, fueled by fear of that humble torture chamber, HELL. The result was the collapse of the Roman Empire, and the White Race retrogressed into chaos, barbarism, and a thousand years of the Dark Ages. Poverty, ignorance and superstition were rampant. Like a monster, the Christian church fed upon and capitalized on these miseries. But the church itself grew fat and powerful.

Does Creativity not believe in a hereafter?
No, we do not — because there is not the slightest shred of evidence of any “pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die”; nor, thank goodness, do we believe in “fry-in-the-sky-when-you-die.”

What do you believe in?
Creativity is the Eternal Laws of Nature applied to all aspects of life, including and especially our Race. In order to get the full scope and breadth of our beliefs, you must read and study NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE.

What, in substance, is that belief?
The aim of our religion, briefly, is promoting the best interests of our race, the White Race, which we believe is the highest pinnacle of Nature’s creation.

Do you have a “Golden Rule” in your religion?
Yes, we do have a Golden Rule in our religion, and it does not coincide at all with the Golden Rule generally accepted in the Jewish-Christian philosophy. Our Golden Rule briefly can be summarized as follows: That which is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; that which is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. See page 274 of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Do you not believe in the commonly accepted Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?
No, we do not, and the reason we don’t is that when you analyze it more closely, just like many of the other shibboleths of the Jewish-Christian Bible, the so-called Golden Rule does not make good sense. To quote some examples: We would not treat our enemies the same way as we would treat our friends. Our relationship to our employees would not be the same as to our boss. Our relationship to our children would not be the same as that to our parents. Our relationship to members of the White Race would not be the same as to members of the black race, for instance and we would not expect the same kind of response. The number of examples that could be quoted are endless, and on closer analysis, it is a completely unworkable principle.

Do you have an equivalent of the Ten Commandments in Creativity?
We have the Sixteen Commandments which set forth the basic philosophy of our religious creed. However, our creed and our program are not limited to these 16 Commandments, but the wider ramifications of our philosophy are spelled out in their totality in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE.

Upon what principles do you base the Sixteen Commandments?
They are based on the most solid foundations imaginable, namely, the Eternal Laws of Nature. On page 26 of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION at the end of Chapter 1, we have listed 24 observations and conclusions from the Laws of Nature. Most of our beliefs, creed, philosophy, and in fact, our total program, is based on these 24 observations.

Why do you limit your interest in the benefiting of the White Race only? Aren’t you interested in all of humanity?
Nature tells us to take care of our own kind and only our own kind. We do not regard any of the mud races to be our own kind. They may be sub-species of some common ancestor, or they may not. In any case, we regard the White Race as having risen to the very top of the human scale, with varying graduations of subhuman species below us. The niggers, undoubtedly, are at the very bottom of the ladder, not far above monkeys and chimpanzees.

But couldn’t your program be more charitable and help the other races advance, while at the same time promoting the White Race?
The answer to this rather tricky question is a most emphatic “NO!” We have no intention of helping the mud races prosper, multiply, and crowd us off the limited space of this planet.

Why not?
In answering this question, we again go back to the basic Laws of Nature, which show that each species or sub-species has its natural enemies, and it is a cold hard fact of life that the most deadly enemies of the White Race are first of all the Jews, and secondarily, all the other mud races who are competing for food and living space on this limited planet. We have but two hard choices: (a) of either race-mixing and amalgamating with the mud peoples of the world, and thereby dragging down and destroying the White Race, or taking the course that Creativity has chosen, namely, (b) to keep our own race pure and expand until we finally inhabit all the good lands of this planet Earth.

Wouldn’t this entail a confrontation, in fact, a blood bath, in which the White Race might be wiped out?
Not necessarily. It is the program of Creativity to keep expanding the White Race and crowding the mud races without necessarily engaging in any open warfare or without necessarily killing anybody. In doing so, we are only following the same principle as the colonization and westward expansion of America. During this great and productive epoch of the White Race, we kept expanding westward and onward by settling the lands that were occupied by an inferior human sub-species, namely, the Indians. It is true that there were some minor clashes, but there was not any open war of extermination. Had America not pursued this program of pushing onward and crowding the Indian, we would never have built this great stronghold of the White Race which we now call America. This is the real American way and we Creators are expanding the American way on a worldwide basis.

But isn’t this cruel and inhuman?
No, it is not. It is just a matter of deciding whether you would rather have your own future progeny of beautiful, intelligent White people survive and inhabit this earth, or whether you would rather see them submerged in a flood tide of mud races. In the latter case, all beauty, culture and civilization would vanish. The more we help the mud races to expand and multiply, the more we are robbing our own future generations of food, space and existence on this planet Earth. Furthermore, the mud races are doing to us that very thing in the present stage of history. They have viciously driven out and killed the White population in many countries in Africa, and I might add with the connivance and help of Jews and White traitors. Our Jewish-controlled Government right here in America is promoting the expansion and proliferation of the niggers in the United States, and shrinking the White population so that in a few generations practically all of the United States will be either completely black or mongrelized. It is strange indeed that the bleeding hearts who are so concerned about the survival of the mud races seem to be completely unconcerned about the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, a process that is now going on before our very eyes.

But in your book “NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION,” aren’t you actually advocating the extermination of the Jews?
Nowhere in our book do we ever suggest killing anybody. Our program simply is to unite the White Race for its own survival and protection, expansion and advancement. It is because the White Race has flagrantly violated Nature’s Laws of looking after its own, and stupidly and foolishly instead has subsidized the expansion and proliferation of our enemies, the multitudes of mud races, that we are now on a collision course with disaster. We CREATORS strongly advocate that we stop this foolishness of subsidizing our enemies, and let them shift for themselves, and we take care of our own.

But wouldn’t this mean the decline and perhaps the extermination of the colored races?
Perhaps it would, but that is not our responsibility, nor is it our doing. Nature has decreed that every species on the face of this earth be engaged in a struggle for survival on its own merits in competition with every other species. In no case, in no species in Nature, does the stronger and superior species voluntarily hold itself back and help subsidize a weaker and inferior species so that inferior species might crowd it from the face of the earth. No other species, that is, except the White Race, is foolishly engaging in that kind of foolish philosophy. We CREATORS say that this is suicidal and that we must drastically change our course. Every individual, sooner or later, dies anyway, but it is a matter of the survival of our own species, our own kind, that we are interested in. Since there is not enough land, food, and substance to support an ever exploding horde of mud races, the vital question as we stated before is: do we want our own kind to survive, or do we want the suicide of our own future generations in a world flooded by the sub-human mud races?

Do you hate police and military personnel?
No. The United States Iron Heel’s military and police forces are evil institutions, but we have nothing against many individual cops and soldiers, who are often the best of our Race. Indeed, many cops and soldiers are sympathetic to the pro-White cause.

Why do you use the term “niggers” in your books instead of showing some respect for the blacks and calling them “Negroes”?
This is a deliberate choice of words. As we state on page 42 in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, we must stop giving them credit and respect which they did not earn, do not deserve, and never did. Again, it is very strange that the same people who are so affronted by the niggers not getting their “proper respect” are totally unconcerned about the vicious, unwarranted attacks by the niggers and other mud races upon the White Race and will not lift a finger in the defense of their own kind. They seem to deem it quite proper that the niggers should be loyal to their race, the Jews should be loyal to their race, but when the White Man is asked to show a loyalty to his own race, he is immediately denounced, even by members of his own race, as being a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, and many other derogatory smear words that the Jews have concocted.

Why do you single out the Jews, who after all comprise less than one percent of the population of the world as your No. 1 enemy?
There are many good and valid reasons why the Jew deserves this special distinction. (a) The Jewish race, united through their Mosaic religion for thousands of years, has been for many centuries, and is today, the most powerful race on the face of the earth. (b) They not only control the news media, television networks, newspapers, and the money of the world, as of the United States, but through such power they also control the governments of the world. (c) They do, in fact, control most of the nerve centers of power in the United States and throughout the world. (d) It has been their age-old goal, not only for centuries, but for millennia, to pull down, mongrelize and destroy the White Race. (e) They have been very successful in doing this. We therefore conclude that they are a most dangerous threat to the further survival of the White Race.

Since you claim that your objectives do not include killing the Jews, just what do you propose?
It is our purpose to drive the Jews from power and eventually drive them from our shores back to Israel or whatever part of the world they choose to live in as a country of their own (perhaps also the island of Madagascar) without robbing other people of their established country.

How do you propose to do this?
By uniting and organizing the White race, and through the creed and program of Creativity. By preaching and promoting racial loyalty among our own White Racial Comrades and making them conscious of their proud and wonderful heritage, we believe that we can mobilize the full power of the White Race and AGAIN REGAIN CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR OWN DESTINY. Once we have done that much, we believe that the fight against the Jews, the niggers and the mud races of the world is as good as won. Just distributing ten million copies of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE would put us well on the road to victory.

Didn’t Hitler try to do the same thing and fail?
There are 500 million White people on the face of this planet. Organized and united they constitute an awesome power that would overwhelm the other peoples of the world, namely the mud races, in any kind of contest, or in any show of force. Whereas Hitler’s program was similar to what we are proposing, we have learned from his failures and have made some significant changes. Whereas Hitler promoted and advocated pan-Germanism, namely, the German people as the core of his political movement, we, on the other hand, denounce Nationalism as an artificial barrier and a divisive force preventing the unification of the White Race. We promote and advocate the inclusion of all the good members of the White Race throughout the world, and propose to unite them in one solid battering ram under the banners of our religion. There are some other significant differences between our program and that of Adolf Hitler. For further details see pages 290 to 316 of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Why do you believe that a religious group is a better means of accomplishing such objectives than a political party?
There are several reasons why we are convinced that we must have a religious base rather than a political party to do the job. (a) Religion embraces just about every aspect of a people’s life–economies, morals, customs, law, government, education, eugenics, and above all, in our religion, the survival, expansion and advancement of our own race. (b) A political party, on the other hand, has a much narrower base. (c) Politics has a weaker appeal to an individual’s loyalty. (d) Religion, on the other hand, has a much deeper and profound influence on the entire course of his life. (e) Furthermore, history shows that religions can and do last for thousands of years, whereas practically any other human group, whether it be government, nations, financial corporations, political parties, or whatever, are relatively short lived, some of them existing for a few years or even less, and then fading from the scene. Of the thousands of political parties that have come and gone, few have lasted longer than perhaps fifty years and very few longer than a hundred years. In contrast to this, the Jews’ Mosaic religion has lasted for several thousand years and been the keystone of the survival of the Jewish race, not to mention the horribly destructive ramifications in the lives and destruction of other nations.

But doesn’t Hitler’s failure in overcoming communism and the Jews seriously discourage you from trying again?
Not at all. Looking back on the Jews’ struggle against the Romans, we find that it took them centuries to poison the Roman mind with Christianity and finally cause their downfall. It was the fact that the Jews were united and because of their tenacious perseverance, that finally brought about their victory. Similarly in the struggle for survival between Rome and Carthage it took many wars, many campaigns and over a hundred years before one finally emerged victor. We again repeat that the White Race, still having a membership of 500 million people, is far from finished. If we can only get 10 million copies of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE distributed amongst our Racial Comrades in the United States alone, we can consider the fight against the Jews and the niggers as good as won. This is not at all insurmountable, nor an impossible achievement. We are determined to win this battle and we will do it.

What do you consider the main difficulty in winning your struggle?
The main problem we have is not overcoming the niggers and the Jews, and the mud races in general, but reeducating the perverted and twisted thinking that has poisoned the minds of the White Race over the many centuries. Despite the fact that the White Race is the most intelligent creature in the fields of logic, mathematics, science, inventions, medicine, and hundreds of other creative and productive areas, yet when it comes to the questions of race and religion, the White Race seems to be strangely stupefied as if under the influence of a mind-warping drug. And, in a way, the White Man’s mind is warped as if poisoned with drugs. And this poison is the propaganda that the Jew has foisted on the White Race for all these centuries. The most potent of all these propaganda poisons that had infiltrated the White Man’s thinking is the Christian religion. So, our main problem is replacing that religion with a sound racial religion for our own survival, expansion and advancement. As soon as we are able to straighten out the White Man’s thinking, we can regard our problems and our struggle as good as won. Placing ten million copies of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE in the hands of our White Racial Comrades would be a major step in that direction. What a bargain that would be for the White Race!

How do you propose to “straighten out the White Man’s thinking,” as you put it?
This is the most difficult part of the task, but not at all impossible. After all, going back to Adolf Hitler, we find that he was highly successful in changing the thinking of the German people from one of communism, despair, and self-destruction, to one of vibrant creativity, constructive productivity, and re-establishing a highly constructive faith in their own people. We believe we can do the same thing for the White peoples of the United States, by widespread promotion and distribution of our books NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, and following that up with a strong representation of Creators in all White communites throughout the world. If the Jews could organize the Christian church for the destruction of the White Race, surely the White Race can organize itself for its own survival. We can do it and we will do it!

Does Creativity believe in God?
When you ask that question, it is as vague as asking: Do you believe in “Quantity X”? There are a million different versions of “God.” There is the Jewish version–a vengeful God interested only in the welfare of the Jews and repeatedly killing and destroying the Jews’ enemies. There is the God of the Mohammedans, Allah; there is the “loving” God of the Christians. Women’s Lib says God is a female, the niggers say he is black. Then there is the hocus-pocus about the Holy Trinity–that of the father, son and holy ghost all rolled into one. Whereas most of these versions were concocted by man to take on the image of human form, other versions like the Church of Religious Science say God is an all pervading spirit, like the ether, not in the image of man at all. These are just a few versions out of millions. Actually even members of the same religious denomination differ widely and let their imaginations run rampant. But there is not a shred of evidence to back up any of this nonsense. The sum total of all these wild proclamations is that nobody has any facts to substantiate their claims, and the sum total knowledge about any so-called God is zero. We CREATORS, therefore, reject all this nonsense about angels and devils and gods and all the rest of this silly spook craft. We go back to reality, and back to the Eternal Laws of Nature, about which the White Man does have an impressive fund of knowledge.

You don’t believe in a hereafter either?
No, we don’t. A hereafter in Christian terms implies HEAVEN and HELL. It also implies that since according to the Christian ethic man is so sinful and 99 percent are going to hell, that their “God” is really a hideous monster, who, knowing every detail forwards and backwards, then deliberately created human beings so he could eternally torture the overwhelming mass of them in a huge fiery pit, see them scream, sizzle, burn and barbecue in all eternity. What a horrible nightmare! One thing that Creativity is giving to our fellow human beings is FREEDOM FROM FEAR OF HELL.

Aren’t you afraid of being called an Atheist?
A. Not at all. We recognize the term “Atheist” for the derogatory smear word that it is. To a Mohammedan, any non-believer in their religion, including Christians, are infidel dogs. Now a Christian wouldn’t accept the description of being an “infidel dog” just because they don’t believe in Mohammed. Likewise, we don’t accept the Jews’ and the Christians’ derogatory smear word of “Atheist” just because we don’t believe in their silly collection of spooks in the sky.

Since Creativity does not believe in a Supreme Being, nor in a life in the hereafter, how can you claim to be a religion at all?
A. We have every legitimate right to that claim. (a) The constitution in effect prohibits any authority, religious, secular or otherwise, from delineating what is, or what is not, a religion. In short, if you claim you are a religion it is as valid as any rival religion’s claim. (b) One of Webster’s many definitions of religion is: “A cause, principle, system of tenets held with ardor, devotion, conscientiousness, and faith: a value held to be of supreme importance.” Our faith resides in the future of the White Race and our values are set forth in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, especially the SIXTEEN COMMANDMENTS. (c) There are several major religions that are known as Nontheistic. Among these are Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, some sects of Hinduism, and many others. Although they contain much mysticism and hocus-pocus we don’t indulge in, the point is that they, too, do not believe in a God, but rather are socioethical systems proclaiming certain moral values. Yet they have been recognized as religions for centuries, and rightfully so. There are other valid reasons why we rightfully qualify as a religion, but the above should suffice.

What kind of religion would you call yourself?
Our religion is rooted in race, and based upon the Eternal Laws of Nature. We are, therefore, a racial religion and a natural religion.

Are there any dietary requirements for being a Creator?
There are no dietary requirements at all; however, our Church does encourage the concept of salubrious living, which means returning to Nature’s laws in the field of nutrition as much as we have returned to Nature’s laws in the fields of society, government, religion, race, and genetics.

Do you worship Nature?
We do not worship anything or anybody. We believe the very idea of “worship” is demeaning at best. It means lowering yourself into abject subjugation to the thing you are worshipping, whether the thing is imaginary or real. Over the thousands of years, people have been foolishly worshipping cats, cows, the sun, stones, spooks, and spirits of all kinds. In fact, one book claims 30,000 “gods” were worshipped before the Jewish “Jehovah,” and countless spooks thereafter. We believe this to be a silly practice rooted in primitive superstition, and a shameful holdover from mankind’s savage past.

Since you do not believe in God and you do not worship anything, what is the purpose of your religion?
We have already answered this in reply to Question No. 2 and we have amplified our goals and objectives throughout NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, especially in Chapter One of the latter. But we will briefly state it again: We have set up the loftiest and most noble goal humanly possible, namely, the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. If the White Race isn’t worth the dedication of our most ardent labors, what is? Niggers and monkeys? Imaginary, non-existent spooks in the sky? In CREATIVITY, we have given the White Race a great and noble purpose in life. We have given the White Race a program for its own salvation and advancement for the next million years. We have given our own race a creed around which all members of our race can rally, regardless of nationality. Finally, after thousands of years of floundering, divisiveness and self-destruction, the White Race now has a meaningful constructive religion upon which it can build a better world for itself and its future progeny forever and a day.

But does your religion have any moral values?
It most certainly does. We have discarded the old nonsensical values of considering it a great virtue to dedicate your life to non-existent spooks in the sky. Instead, we concentrate on reality and in building a better life for ourselves and our offspring in the real world here on this planet Earth, the only place that man has ever been known to live, spiritually or otherwise. We regard the White Race as the highest and most significant value on the face of the earth, and the survival, expansion and advancement of our own race as the number one priority. Hence, the Golden Rule and the highest morality in our religion is, that which is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and that which is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. In promoting these moral values we are also building a more intelligent, healthy and beautiful race of people.

If you don’t believe in God, how do you explain the question as to who made all this in the beginning?
This is a favorite trick question with which the Christians hope to trap you. It would be just as logical for us to ask them who made God, since there had to be a beginning. Their stock answer is, of course, that God always existed. All this is doing, of course, is throwing one unknown to another unknown. We may as well come up with a lick answer and say that Mandrake the Magician made it all by his magic. The fact of the matter is that nobody knows how this huge, vast Universe ever started and, in fact, nobody even knows if there ever was a start or if it has existed in all eternity and will exist in all eternity in the future. Since no one in the present stage of the development of man and civilization knows how this huge and vast universe began, or if there even was a beginning, we do not find it incumbent upon us to provide that answer. Nor is it very important to the survival and welfare of the White Race to have an answer to that mystery. Much more important are the real problems of how to disengage ourselves from the evil clutches of the Jewish network and work for our own survival and best interests. For further discussion of this subject, see pages 196 and 197 in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Don’t you have faith in anything?
Yes, we most certainly do. Our faith is set forth in 508 pages of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION. We have faith in the future of the White Race and its ultimate triumph. We consider that as the highest and most significant goal. The fact is we believe in anything that has valid and meaningful evidence to substantiate it. We do not believe in the supernatural, in spooks and a second world outside of the existing universe. We do not believe in a world of spirits and spooks and we most certainly do not believe in the Jewish Bible which was written by a gang of lying, Jewish scriptwriters. We believe “A SKEPTICAL AND INQUIRING MIND IS NO VICE. BEING GULLIBLE AND SUPERSTITIOUS IS NO VIRTUE.”

You say that you believe in anything that is substantiated by sufficient evidence, yet in your book NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION you say you don’t believe that Christ ever lived. Isn’t there as much or more evidence that Christ lived as that Julius Caesar lived?
No, there’s not. Whereas there is an abundance of evidence to substantiate the life of Julius Caesar, there’s not a single shred of evidence to substantiate Christ’s existence at the time he is supposed to have walked the face of the earth. For example, Caesar left behind him many of his own writings that school children can study to this day, word for word. Christ left not a word in writing behind and every quotation in the Bible is supposedly handed down by some reporter, such as Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. But there is not a shred of authentic historical information about any of these supposed reporters, either. There is no mention of Christ or the Christian movement during the first century of the supposed Christian era, by any authentic Roman or Greek writer, or any other writer of that time. No legitimate historian, dramatist, playwright, poet or any other contemporary chronicler seems to have noticed his existence, if he did, in fact, exist. Whereas there are man statues and busts carved in stone of Julius Caesar so that we know his exact likeness, there is not a single painting, statue, bust or sculpture to give us the slightest indication of what Christ looked like. In short, whereas there is a mountain of evidence about the historical activities of Julius Caesar as a successful general, as a consul, as an emperor and numerous other deeds of history that he performed, there is not a single shred of legitimate evidence to back up the claims of Christ’s existence. Everything that is claimed about him was contrived and concocted by people who lived much later, several generations later and kept promoting these claims into what finally became an overwhelming and massive religion a sorry reflection on the gullibility and superstition of mankind. For further details. see chapter 16 of Part I of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Since you say that the Jews occupy all the nerve centers of power, just how do you propose to drive them from power and have the White Man regain control of his destiny?
We mean to do this by building and expanding Creativity until it penetrates the thinking and the heart and soul of all the good members of the White Race. As we have stated before, our biggest problem really is straightening out the thinking of White People. We believe that it can be done and it must be done, in fact, by building a religious movement dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. We believe it is the only way that this tremendous task can be accomplished. It can be done, and it will be done. For further details of our program, see the second last chapter of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, “The Road to Greatness.”

Doesn’t Creativity believe in helping others?
Yes, we do, but we are highly selective as to whom we render aid, love and affection. We most definitely do not believe in loving enemies, nor helping them. Among our enemies, we have the Jews and the mud races. We, therefore, believe in selectively helping our own kind, namely, our own White Racial Comrades. To White Man is the measure of all things, and we believe in looking everything through the White Man’s eyes, from the White Man’s point of view.

Hasn’t the Bible been pretty well proven by recent scientific discoveries and isn’t the gap between Christianity and science rapidly deteriorating?
Most definitely not. The answer to both questions is a loud emphatic, NO! The gap between Christianity and science is as wide as the Grand Canyon. It is widening as science progresses in giant strides. The gap is irreconcilable and unbridgeable. A study of astronomy and the discovery of billions of other galaxies makes the idea of spooks in the sky a laughable absurdity. A study of geology makes the idea of a universal flood in the year 2348 B.C. a non-existent hoax. A study of Egyptian history also completely repudiates the story of the great flood. A study of authentic history further repudiates the so-called “history” the Jews have concocted for themselves in the Old Testament. Suffice it to say that the conflict is endless and an excellent set of books has been written on this subject. It comes in two volumes and is entitled “A History of the Warfare of Science with the Theology of Christendom” written by A.D. White. Unfortunately, it is now out of print and extremely hard to come by.

What about the recent discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
I have read several good books on the Dead Sea Scrolls. All the Scrolls really prove, it seems to me, is (a) that there was already a small Jewish sect living by the Dead Sea called the Essenes. (b) That the Essenes were teaching essentially the same suicidal ideas as are claimed to have been espoused by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. (c) This would seem to indicate that the so-called new teachings attributed to a mythical Son of God called Jesus Christ were not new at all, but were already being promoted almost word for word by the Essenes, who preceded the Christian era by at least a hundred years.

What do you say about archaeologists digging up and discovering such cities as Jericho? Doesn’t that confirm the authenticity of the Bible?
Not at all. All it confirms is that there was once a city called Jericho, if it even confirms that, and scientists aren’t sure. And even if it did, the Bible also mentions such cities as Rome, Jerusalem and many others that are still standing today. So all of this only confirms nothing more than that there were cities such as Jericho, Rome and Jerusalem during biblical times but it does not offer the least bit of confirmation to the rest of the hocus-pocus.

So what do you see as the difference between science and Christianity?
Basically, as we see it, science is nothing more than organized common sense. It seeks honest answers. Science dispassionately seeks the truth, regardless of where it may lead. Christianity, on the other hand, seeks to suppress the truth and concentrates on forcing its followers to “believe” its claims, regardless of how ridiculous these claims may be and regardless of how much of an affront they may be to its follower’s intelligence. Science has tremendously advanced the knowledge and progress of the White Race. Christianity, on the other hand, has stifled knowledge and progress as witnessed by a thousand years of the Dark Ages, and has perpetuated superstition, ignorance and suffering.

The White Race seems to have done quite well in maintaining itself. Why are you so concerned about its survival?
The White Race used to do quite well for itself in the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, but no more. In fact, as late as 1920, the White Race was outnumbered by the mud races of the world only in a proportion of 2 to 1. Today, scarcely two generations later, it is outnumbered by the rapidly exploding mud races of the world, by a ratio of 12 to 1. The United Nations, which is a Jew-controlled group, gleefully reports that in another generation the White Race will be outnumbered on the face of this earth by a ratio of 49 to 1. A person has to only have an elementary grasp of mathematics to see that the White Race is now a very much endangered species, and will soon be either crowded into extinction or mongrelized into oblivion. Either way, the White Race will be gone, and with it also will vanish all the good things that it has produced, such as civilization, culture, art and all the other valuable attributes that we consider as contributing to the good life. The tragic and ironic thing about all this is that it’s the White Man’s ability to produce ample food, the White Man’s technology, the White Man’s medicine, and all the other valuable contributions created by his own ability, foolishly transferred to the parasitic mud races that has caused the present dilemma arid catastrophe. It is these valuable contributions of the White Race transferred to the mud races that has caused the latter’s explosive increase. It is the unalterable goal of Creativity to bring the White Man back to sanity and to again conserve his creativity and productivity for the benefit of his own race and his race alone.

Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible are great books and I can go along with mostly everything you say. But why did you have to spoil it all by dragging Hitler into it?
Every day of the week the Jews pour out volumes of scurrilous lies and invectives against Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) though he has now been dead for over 55 years. It would take billions of dollars a year to buy the vicious propaganda that the Jews pour out all over the world vilifying Hitler. This in itself is the best proof of how frightened the Jews are of Hitler’s ideas of White racial supremacy. The significance of this great White leader’s contributions to our cause, therefore, had to be part of our creed, and needed to be honestly analyzed and properly recognized.

Does Creativity agree with Adolf Hitler in all respects?
Not in all respects. There are four or five major issues in which we depart from National Socialism. The main difference is we believe Nationalism, per se, was and is a divisive issue among the White Race. We instead espouse RACIAL SOCIALISM to embrace all the good White people on the face of the globe, rather than Pan-Germanism. See Chapter 4, page 290 of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION. Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

But didn’t Hitler kill six million Jews?
No, he did not. This, along with Christianity, ranks as one of the biggest lies and biggest hoaxes in history. Privately, among themselves, the Jews published the growth of their total world population between 1938 and 1948, as increasing from approximately 16,600,000 to 17,650,000, an increase of over a million. This would be an outrageous impossibility, if it had been decimated by 6,000,000 during this same period. See Chapter 36 of the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE.

If it isn’t true, why would the Jews want to tell such a monstrous lie?
It has reaped tremendous dividends for them. Having worldwide monopoly of the propaganda machinery, they were able to put that lie across with little or no opposition.

What were the “tremendous dividends” for the Jews you speak of?
(a) It enabled the Jews who were the real instigators of World War II and the real culprits, to appear to be the victims, and arouse worldwide sympathy from the gullible and unsuspecting Gentiles, or Goyim, as they call them. (b) Through this world sympathy, it enabled them to loot the Arabs of their lands in Palestine, and set up the bandit State of Israel. (c) It enabled them to loot the Germans with “restitutions” in amounts of as much as a billion dollars a year to the State of Israel. In short, this is plain blackmail and looting. (d) it enabled them to pursue a vicious program of destroying all opposition to Jewish aggression and take-over throughout the world. (e) It has provided them with a bonanza in tightening their stronghold on the peoples of the world in areas of finances, of propaganda, of governmental expansion and the spread of Jewish Communism.

So what do you propose as the answer to the Jewish problem?
The only total answer is for the White people of the world to unite and organize and regain control of their own destiny. This is the highest right in Nature. In order to do so they have to unite around something and that something must be a meaningful, significant and worthwhile creed that all the good White people of this earth can dedicate their lives to. This we have provided in the religious creed of CREATIVITY as set forth in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. In it lies the philosophy. the creed and the program for the salvation of the White Race for its own survival, expansion and advancement for all time. It is every White Man’s highest moral duty to promote, advance and disseminate this lofty creed, not only for his own generation, but also to our future progeny for the next million years. Therefore let us dedicate ourselves to this noble task and go to work.

Can prisoners and ex-prisoners become Creators?
Yes. We do accept prisoners and ex-prisoners into our Church. For after all, it is darn easy to be a prisoner these days and we are a Church besides.

What does “RAHOWA” mean?
It is our battle cry. Just as the Muslims have “jihad,” we have “RAHOWA.” It stands for RAcial HOly WAr.