June 16, 2024


The Purpose of Life

By Ben Klassen

For millennia mankind in general, and philosophers in particular, have been pondering the meaning of life. This question has undoubtedly troubled and concerned practically every thoughtful human being. Few have arrived at any conclusion during their lifetime, leaving the question unanswered at the time of their demise. Certainly this question has concerned me, more or less, during many phases of my life, beginning with early adolescence. Although I searched the scriptures, the religions, the philosophies of various notables throughout history, none of these seemed to give me a satisfactory answer. Finally I concluded that there was no meaning to life, that there was no purpose to it, that our stay here was a meaningless, useless pursuit which might well have been left better undone. In fact, ten years ago I was so convinced of the futility of our existence here on earth that I began to write a book on the subject called The Rat Race to Oblivion.

But the fact kept persisting that we are here, and we are going to be here, and our offspring are going to be here for generations and centuries and millenniums to come. Obviously, the kind of people that were going to be living here in the centuries and millenniums to come would be largely determined by each generation as to what they did, what their outlook on life was, what their mating habits were, and what their philosophies and religions were. Also it was obvious that the conditions under which our future offspring were going to be living would largely be determined by what we now did, just as the conditions under which we are now living had been determined by what our forefathers had done, or had not done.

The more I studied history the more it became obvious that throughout the threads of history was woven the interminable and overriding factor of race. The most obvious of all factors began to emerge — that one race and one race alone had built and blossomed and flowered all civilizations — and that was the White Race. Furthermore, it became more and more obvious that the decline of each civilization had been the poisoning of the blood of the creative White Race and its downfall had always been preceded and caused by the negligence of the White Race to guard and protect the purity of its bloodlines.

Further studying, examining and probing the facts of history, it became obvious that mankind as a whole followed the same evolutionary patterns as did every other species, and that the evolution of every species followed the rigid and immutable laws of Nature. Man was no exception whatsoever, although in his conceit and stupidity he so often tried to tell himself that he was above and

beyond the laws of Nature and, in fact, had conquered Nature.

So he thought. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A cold, critical analysis of history, and the laws of Nature, shows that the development of mankind follows the laws of Nature just as faithfully and just as rigidly as the development of, say, the bluebird or the dinosaur. Furthermore, man’s decline and extinction is just as possible as the vanishing of the dinosaur from the face of the earth.

From all this studying, certain most obvious conclusions began to emerge. No. 1, that man is a species whose evolvement and stay on the face of this earth is subject to the organized laws of Nature. No. 2, that one of Nature’s most inexorable laws is the survival of the Fittest. No. 3, that Nature, in order to improve the species, promotes and favors the segregation of the species in which one species competes against that of another and the better equipped survive. Those that go down channels which do not fit them for the fierce competition, those species to not survive, but perish.

Apparently it became obvious that Nature is not concerned about the survival of the individual, but has wisely placed and inbred into each individual of the species the means and the will to propagate and promote and perpetuate the species itself, and in so doing, in the fierce competition for survival, it forces the species to improve and upgrade itself, or else perish.

It is in this third law of Nature that we find overwhelmingly the purpose in life and the purpose for which we are placed upon this earth. We are here to perpetuate and advance our own kind. Not only is this the purpose of the human species, but the purpose of every other species that we see around us, be it the bluebird or deer, or the fishes of the sea, or the fowl of the air. The whole sum of their efforts and the complete time span of their life is devoted to this great purpose that Nature has set forth for the individual: To promote, propagate, and perpetuate the species, and in so doing, improve it as it goes along. It is either that or extinction. Nature is neither kind nor unkind, neither merciful nor unmerciful, in the enforcement of her laws. She makes no exceptions and tolerates no excuses. Only a pompous, conceited fool can imagine himself as being above and beyond the laws of Nature.

Every bird and every animal knows what its purpose is. As soon as they are mature enough to do so, they start propagating their own kind, and raising their families to maturity. It is their main preoccupation throughout their adult lifetime. They clearly seem to know their purpose. Only the White Race seems to be sorely confused about their purpose-Nature has decided our purpose for us, whether we realize it or not. Man, like every other creature, leads the most rewarding life following the path Nature has decreed for him: propagating his own kind, raising his family, and perpetuating his race.

And so we have come upon the great and final answer as to what our purpose in life is: The purpose set before us by nature herself, for us, the White Race, is, namely, to propagate, advance and expand the White Race, the highest pinnacle reached in the handiwork of Nature.

We, the White Race, are that supreme species. We are Nature’s Crowning Glory. We bear a great honor and a tremendously important burden. It has taken millions of years for the White Race to evolve as a species to its present high pinnacle. It is up to us to carry on the promotion, propagation, perpetuation, advancement and expansion of this most elite of all of Nature’s wondrous species. Not only is it up to us to carry on, but also it is up to us to lift ever higher, to advance the development of this most marvelous of all creations, and improve from generation to generation. It is possible at this juncture in history to greatly accelerate and speed up the improvement of the White Race, and it is equally possible to destroy the White Race in short order and undo this marvelous phenomenon in the history of creation.

Yes, these are the indisputable lessons of history and the inescapable conclusions to be drawn from the laws of Nature herself. Some people will spend their lives searching for the truth. In the process they can run head-on into the very truth they have been searching for, without recognizing it, stumble over it, pick themselves up and keep on searching forever. There are some truths that are so overwhelmingly obvious that they escape the attention of the over-sophisticated searchers. And this very truth we are here speaking about is one of the most outstanding of all the obvious truths that has been ignored and overlooked, stumbled over and finally bypassed.

This does not change by one iota the laws of Nature anymore than stupidly ignoring the laws of gravity will change that rigid and inexorable law. It is plainly there for all to see — Nature wants you to perpetuate and carry on your species and improve it you will either do that or your kind will be wiped from the face of the earth. Nature cares little whether you accept or reject that fact, her laws will be obeyed, regardless. It is this fact that our whole philosophy is based upon. It is upon this law of Nature that our whole religion is founded.

This being so, we are convinced that any philosophy of life or any religion, that is in harmony with the laws of Nature is a good religion for such race. Any religion that does not mesh in harmony with the laws of Nature is an unnatural religion, is an artificial religion, and is a harmful religion that will destroy the race or the people that embrace such an artificial and unnatural religion.

Our religion is, therefore, designed to be in harmony with that which Nature wants us to do. Our religion is designed to help promote, propagate, expand and advance the White Race in all perpetuity. We can think of no higher goal, nor a more lofty religion than that which helps to perpetuate and improve

Nature’s finest handiwork — the White Race.

We believe that in the process of propagating our own kind, the individual finds the highest meaning in life. In so doing he obtains the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment of his earthly span for the years that Nature has placed him upon the face of this planet. In mating, in building a family, in having children, and providing for their welfare and in watching their healthy growth and development, the man and the woman find their highest fulfillment and the most lasting satisfaction. All other activities gravitate around this grand central purpose — to raise the children to adulthood to where they again in turn will mate with the opposite sex of their own species, form a family, propagate their own kind, raise them to be stronger, healthier, more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable. In short, they, too, will improve the next generation and send it on its way to again bring in the succeeding generation. This is the great goal in life that Nature in her eternal wisdom has set before us, whether it be the White Race or any other species of this huge and varied universe.

Any activity that hampers or imperils this noble objective is unnatural, and, therefore, a violation of Nature’s laws. We all clearly recognize, for instance, that homosexuality is unnatural and that such people are called deviates. We must also recognize that Nature harshly punishes deviates and extinguishes them from the face of the earth. It is quite clear, for instance, that a society of sexual deviates would be short-lived and Nature would wipe them from the face of the earth.

Not so clear to the present day thinking is that one of the prime laws of Nature is keeping the species pure, and in our case, keeping our race pure and unpolluted from the blood of that of other races. Nature hates bastards. She despises mongrelization. And since Nature has selected us, the White Race, as the peak and pinnacle of her highest development, it is more than ever our holy duty to safeguard this honor at all costs.

It is for this purpose that our new religion is formulated, and that the Church of the Creator is founded.