June 16, 2024


How to Organize a Church Group of your own

When J. Pierpont Morgan was asked, How much does it cost to own a yacht? He replied, “If you must ask, you can’t afford it.”

Similarly, it has been stated that if you must ask how do you organize your own group, you probably aren’t qualified for the job. I do not take this position at all. Forming a Church of the Creator group of your own is not anywhere as expensive nor as difficult as owning a yacht. The fact of the matter is, any White Man or Woman can do it, and no special talents or resources are needed. All you have to have is the 2 D Formula — Dedication and Determination.

Let us state one obvious fact right at the beginning. Every White Man, Woman and Child has a tremendous stake in the success of the CREATIVITY movement, whether they now realize it or not. Never in history has the welfare of the WORLD’S FINEST depended so much on the success of a single movement. It therefore behooves every White Man, Woman and Child whose eyes have been opened to reality to get into the act, to become a promoter and to do something.

So let us set forth a few simple guidelines, step by step.

A. Initial Phase.

1. The first and most important step is to GET STARTED now! Not tomorrow, next week or next year. Get started forming a Church group of your own, whether you have been ordained as a Minister by our Church or not.

2. Getting started is fairly simple. Read The White Man’s Bibles, all three of them, become well versed in the creed and the program. I presume that you have already done this. So you are probably ready for the next basic step in becoming a leader, a promoter and an activist.

3. Draw up a list of your contacts — friends, relatives, acquaintances, or even people that are important (such as state legislators, city councilmen, etc.) that are not personal acquaintances, but should be contacted.

4. Send (or give) them a copy of our basic flyer, such as we have recently printed and is enclosed with this issue. Or, send them a particular copy of RACIAL LOYALTY, or a copy of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, or The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE or SALUBRIOUS LIVING. Use your discretion as to which would be most effective as a lead-in.

5. Follow up later and find out whether (a) you have sparked interest, or (b) discovered a goldmine, or (c) contacted a “dud.” 6. The real secret of success is the follow-up, and don’t be discouraged.

Cultivate the partially interested the (a) type, but feed the information to them in moderate amounts with timely spacing. Don’t overwhelm them in the first rush and turn them off. Your pay-off might come in a week, a month or maybe years later. You never know what will develop. You have sown the seeds and the ramifications may exceed your fondest expectations.

The Type (b), the go-getter, is of course our main objective. Help him obtain a Membership Certificate, subscribe to RACIAL Loyalty and have him become part of your Church group about which we will have more to say later.

Even the “dud” is not a total loss. If you have supplied him with one or more flyers, or other pieces of literature, or one of the Bibles, likely as not he will pass it on to a friend or an uncle, or someone in his circle of contacts that he believes will be interested.

So remember, any literature you put out is productive. It is like planting seeds. Some will take root and flourish, others may fall on barren ground. But the bottom line is this — the more seeds you plant, the bigger the harvest.

7. If you do not have a Ministerial Certificate from The Church of the Creator yet, write for an application, and we will have you ordained shortly. But, don’t let this delay you in getting your group started.

CONCLUSION: Propagandize to the limit of your resources, whether you are a Minister or not. Become a Minister as soon as possible. It will give you additional prestige and authority.

B. The Mechanics of Setting Up an Organization.

One of the major misconceptions that many, or perhaps most would-be organizers harbor is that you must have an elaborate framework for forming your own group or organization. They ask — should we incorporate? Do we need a charter? Do I need to apply for a permit from the county, state, or I.R.S.?

1. The answer is, you need none of these. You are exercising your civil and religious rights under the guarantee of The FIRST AMENDMENT.

The most important move is step A 1. Get started! Enlist contacts. Get a group going even if it consists of only you and a second member.

2. When you get the operation moving, the next formal step would be to select a name for your group, such as, “Hooper Valley Church of the Creator”, or “Church of the Creator No. 54”, or “Jackson County Church of the Creator”, or any name that strikes your fancy, but include Church of the Creator with it, so that you have a definite identity with our Church.

3. Next, get a Post Office box in that name, and probably open up a bank account in the name of your group also.

4. As you get more members and more muscle together you might want to get some stationary printed up with the name of your group prominently displayed on it. However, if you would rather utilize limited funds for the distribution of more literature instead, a rubber stamp on your envelopes will do just as well.

5. As your membership expands beyond 3, delegate specific duties to different members, such as secretarial work, mailing, fund raising, telephone calling, etc., and bestow titles on such people so that they get “the feel” of being a specific and important member in the organization. There is nothing more conducive to results than keeping each member busy doing something constructive, and making such members feel that they are accomplishing something positive.

6. Recognition of each member’s work is extremely important. We all need to be encouraged, recognized, and rewarded for dedicated work, in one way or another. Having such recognition brought out at each meeting whenever possible is one of the most appreciated rewards in itself.

C. Regular Meetings.

It is important that each group establish a regular time and place for meetings.

To begin with, when the group is still small, this could be in the Minister’s home, or if more convenient or suitable, in a member’s home. An alternative might be to rotate to several members’ homes, but not necessarily every member’s, since some for family reasons might find this highly impractical.

As the group grows, it might decide to meet as a breakfast group in some restaurant. This could be done on Saturday mornings, or if they prepare for an early meeting, such as 7 a.m., this could also be arranged during week days. In fact, when I was in the Toastmaster’s Club (some 20 years ago) we had such early Breakfast Meetings in one group and Dinner Meetings in another group.

As the group grows larger, a meeting hall can be rented at such places as Holiday Inns, or other hotels, or certain restaurants. Some can be had without meals, in other cases meals are mandatory.

It is preferable to have such meetings without meals, if possible, since these are becoming increasingly expensive and will exclude many prospective members. It is advisable to have light refreshments at the end of the meeting. This generally allows for more personal fellowship and acquaintanceship, and also a warmer feeling of kinship — the idea of “breaking bread together.”

D. Suggested Procedure at Meetings.

1. It is preferable to have a set general agenda for all meetings and also a specific agenda for each particular meeting. Each group should have their own procedural rules and character.

2. One of the first standard procedures might be to re-iterate at the beginning of each meeting that the purpose of these religious meetings is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. That we must, as White Racial Comrades, get the Jewish parasites off our backs and regain unconditional control of our own destiny. Impress upon the membership at each meeting that this is serious business, that the future of our children, of their children, and the survival of civilization and the White Race itself is at stake; that the only way to regain control of our own destiny is to organize a massive organization to steamroller the enemy — Jews, niggers and mud races — out of our country, out of our lives and out of our cultures. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain if we don’t take action; that we have nothing to lose and the world to gain if we embark on aggressive organized action; remind the group that this is what we are gathered here for, and that we shall proceed.

3. The next procedure might be for the Minister to read a select text or perhaps even a major part of a Chapter from either NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION or The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and discuss the ramifications of said text and amplify upon it as to how it pertains to the situation they, the group, are now facing.

4. Proceed on to constructive suggestions as to what action to take, and how to effectively recruit, organize, propagandize and expand the size and effectiveness of the organization. Keep stressing the importance of distributing Bibles and literature, proselytizing and recruiting.

5. Review what work the members have done since the last meeting and praise and encourage each member whenever possible.

6. Discussion of current local and national events, and how the group can take advantage of any given situations to further promote our CAUSE.

7. CAUTION: Do not fall into the favorite no-win clap trap of endlessly rehashing the problem. Instead, emphasize constructive and meaningful plans and action, with the positive conclusion that we are not helpless, we are not without resources, that we can and we will overcome all obstacles. Talk and preach Success! There is no substitute for VICTORY, and no substitute for the White Race!

E. Organizational Format.

1. We must always keep in mind that we are a religious organization, not a meek, pious group of spineless handwringers, but an aggressive fanatic group of Racial Comrades, the core of whose religion is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race; that our purpose is and always will be to build a Whiter and Brighter World for ourselves and our future progeny. But we must keep in mind that we are a religious organization.

2. It is our Format that each religious group be headed by an ordained Minister of our Church. We presume you already are an ordained Minister of our Church, but if not, we suggest you apply to our World Center for ordination as a Minister. But don’t let that delay you in starting your group. We have cited elsewhere in this issue the requirements and all of the advantages of becoming an ordained Minister of the Church.

3. Also remember, that all our organizational procedures are along the lines of the Leadership Principle, that as such, the minister is the Captain of his ship and of his organization. He can appoint and delegate duties to various members. He can change these as he sees fit and even expel members if it is his mature judgment that they are an impediment to his organization.

4. In this latter respect it is important to investigate the background of each prospective new member as much as possible. We can take it for granted that the hostile establishment will try to infiltrate our membership with race traitors – C.I.A., F.B.I. and other undercover agents. This is a problem we face and will continue to face for some time, but we must not be intimidated, nor can we allow ourselves to be slowed down, in our aggressive campaign to expand the organization.

The best we can do therefore, is to know as much as possible about a prospective new member and use our good judgment. This is the Minister’s responsibility. Should he find he made an error, that a member is either a threat to the organization, or just a plain troublemaker, or a detriment to the organization, or perhaps even a paid agent of the Jewish establishment, then such member must be expelled promptly and with dispatch.

5. Each group may have their own membership rules, fees and procedures as they deem is best in their judgment, or the judgment of the Minister. However, in order to qualify as a member of The Church of the Creator, each member must apply to the World Center and obtain from the Headquarters a Membership Certificate and Card in accordance with the requirements of the Church. This is necessary in order to provide for the funding of the central organization itself, and also give cohesiveness and unity to the movement. Only by polarizing the creed, purpose and philosophy of the organization as a whole into a cohesive, powerful battering ram can we ever hope to overcome a powerful and entrenched enemy.

Please note: The above are INITIAL GUIDELINES to getting started. As the organization grows in numbers and in influence, they will be added to, revised and supplemented.

The main idea is to get started. Remember, we have nothing to lose and the world to gain by taking meaningful, aggressive action. Every White Racial Comrade can be a promoter and recruiter whether they have an organization or not. We need more dedicated activists!

* * * * *

Christianity is the Jew’s massive Maginot Line. It must be cracked before we can annihilate the enemy.

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