June 16, 2024

So many of our fellow pro-White people have the idea that nationalism and racial loyalty are synonymous. This is just a short examination of nationalism and racially loyalty, to show that the two are by no means one and the same.

The OVERWHELMING majority of people today who identify as nationalists are not racially loyal. They indulge in petty nationalistic squabbles. For example, British people attacking Polish people, Poles attacking Germans, French people attacking British people, etc., etc.. It’s horrible. The kind of behaviour racially loyal White people have no time for.

For some odd reason a number of pro-White people have got into this silly habit of identifying as nationalists, or ‘real nationalists,’ implying that only racially conscious people are the ‘genuine nationalists’. This simply does not hold up to scrutiny, be that historical scrutiny or the world we live in today.

Even if we look at the National Socialists of Germany or the Fascists of Italy, we see them indulging in ethnic hatreds. But what about all the nationalism that goes back to the 19th century? Certainly not staunchly pro-White and against ethnic hostility amongst White peoples. Then if we go further back in history, we see the different White nations having a field day slaughtering one another.

Personally I reject the label of ‘nationalist’ and instead identify as pro-White or racially loyal. If my fellow racial loyalist is a Pole or German and we both agree on spreading pro-White thinking, why would I have a problem with that person?

Some may argue that ‘Nationalism and racial loyalty are two peas in a pod’ and again state that non-racial nationalism is the imposter. This isn’t true at all. Nationalism has almost always been fratricidal and divisive, with White people from different countries looking for any excuse to attack one another, as I already stated. This is nothing new.

Where is the evidence that most nationalists are non-racial? The evidence is huge. Just look at the British Isles for example. Most Scottish nationalists – who govern the country – are not racially loyal. Most Welsh nationalists – who have significant influence in Wales – are not racially loyal. Most Irish nationalists are not racially loyal, but indulge in the usual petty hatreds against White people from other countries.

Then we look at England. There are plenty of ‘we’re England till I die’ little Englander types, who get excited about the English flag until the England football team loses. Then these same people will drunkenly stamp on same the flag in the street. Believe me, I have witnessed this a number of times. Even the likes of Nigel Farage and many UKIP type people identify with nationalism. It’s fairly safe to say that the overwhelming majority of these people are not racially loyal.

Even the majority of French nationalists are not racially loyal, but instead emphasise how ‘French’ they are. I guarantee it’s the same across the board. Would the ‘Tea Party’ types in America qualify as ‘nationalists’? I think they would.

Yet these racist nationalists have the gall to claim that they, being in a tiny minority, are the only ‘real nationalists’. Madness. It’s comparable to the tiny minority of Christian Identity type people claiming they are the only ‘real Christians’ because they have interpreted the Jewish bible to be highly racist and pro-White. Fair enough if they want to believe this, but any outsider can see this is delusional. People need to analyze this properly and see why I use the term OVERWHELMINGLY when stating that most nationalists are non-racial. This is no exaggeration.

When you point out to divisive nationalist types that they are indulging in petty nationalistic squabbles, such as even a supposedly ‘racially loyal’ British nationalist attacking Poles, Germans, French, etc., they will typically adopt divisive rhetoric such as ‘How is it petty to think that Britain should belong to Britons?’

Well, the thing is, no reasonable person would argue that Britain should not belong to the White people of Britain. Of course Britain should belong to the White British people – as long as they have the will to own this country. But at the same time, our fellow White people from other countries should be permitted entry to live and work in Britain, if they have the skills and are needed. We shouldn’t have a problem with this. If you do have a problem, you need to straighten out your thinking and start thinking in terms of ‘What is good for White people?’

Obviously there has to be immigration controls put in place. I wouldn’t suggest the current situation is ideal, by any means, with hundreds of thousands of White people from different countries entering Britain all at once and perhaps not speaking the language, leading to resentment amongst the native population. But that is out of our control.

Perhaps in the same way the situation was out of our control around the turn of the 20th century, when millions of Irish and Germans emigrated to Britain. Was that ideal for the native population, especially the working people? Probably not. But we make the best of that situation and now many of us here in Britain claim Irish, German, French, Italian, Scandinavian and other European ancestry. It isn’t the end of the world. It’s better to have White people as our ancestors than non-whites.

As for an ‘ideal’ situation, we can only make the situation ideal when racially loyal White people are in power. As we are not in power, the best thing to do is work with our fellow White people, no matter their nation of origin, until we get that power.

As we have White people from other nations living in our country, it makes a lot more sense to try to find the racially loyal amongst them and promote pro-White thinking. It makes more sense than turning our noses up at those people and creating a reason to feel animosity.

But then some well meaning pro-White person who identifies as a ‘nationalist’ will respond yet again with the tired old line ‘but these aren’t REAL nationalists! These are CIVIC nationalists!’

Again they are falling into that same old trap of dismissing people as ‘fake nationalists’ when they do not fall into the racially loyal category. I have addressed this already. It is wrong. The overwhelming majority of nationalists are non-racial. Even many of those that are racist indulge in divisive talk like I stated already, with ‘ethnic compatibility’ talk, etc.. A racial loyalist will ask the question, ‘Is the person White?’

If a person is White, decent and racially loyal, they are good to me. I wouldn’t fret too much about whether or not White people from other countries are compatible with British culture or whatever. For one, there is sure to be a degree of compatibility. Secondly, ‘British culture’ is so messed up and the British people are so confused and ignorant about it that it’s a riddle to even pinpoint what exactly it is anyway. Thirdly – shock shock, horror horror – ensuring the survival of ‘British culture’ isn’t our number one priority.

What is our number one priority? The survival of White people. Pure and simple. As long as we are White and we win, our culture will be just fine. It will reach new heights that we can only dream of now. If we lose and our lands are completely overrun by the third world and our racial enemies in general, I can GUARANTEE you that the culture you care about so much will be destroyed forever.

So let’s not indulge in silly divisive arguments. Let’s keep our eye on the ball and practice racial loyalty. It’s the best, most practical and most desirable thing we can do.

For those racially loyal people who will continue to insist on referring to themselves as ‘nationalists,’ okay, fair enough. But stop referring to yourself as the ‘true nationalist’ and dismissing the vast majority of other nationalists as ‘fake’. Stop taking offence and jumping down the throats of racial loyalists who point out the fundamental error of nationalism.

For those petty minded people who will respond to what I say here with something along the lines of ‘You don’t care about British culture!’ or some other annoying and divisive tripe, I challenge any one of them to join me for a Shakespeare recitation competition or English poetry recitation competition. I’m confident of winning

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