June 16, 2024

Today, I would like to discuss the concept of purpose, specifically within the context of the movement and why we are here. When individuals genuinely devote themselves to the well-being of the White race, what does that commitment look like? When people become enlightened and aware of the genocide their people are facing, they seek to address the problem. However, they often encounter nothing but failure, as a new generation repeats the same mistakes as before, becoming self-absorbed and even engaging in harmful actions such as talk about raping white women. Whether done as a form of trolling or to appear edgy, these behaviors do not align with the true purpose of preserving and uplifting the White race.

To provide some historical context, the movement has always had its questionable aspects, but since 2016, it has become increasingly shady. Individuals who were once no bodies in 2016 now find themselves leading unchecked groups after charlottsville. In the past, there was a certain level of accountability, where one could expect consequences for their actions. However, with the introduction of the bisexual alt-right, this accountability has diminished, and now there are even charlatans involved, some of whom are non-white.

It Is important to note that their purpose is not aligned with the true cause, and their intentions do not revolve around the salvation of the White race. True salvation begins with the preservation of one’s own kind, which entails reproducing and building families. It involves advocating for and supporting the reproduction and well-being of the White population, including providing clothing and food for White babies. These actions exemplify genuine purpose and contribute to the success of one’s people.

Engaging in activities such as yelling, screaming, or creating a façade of unpleasant appearances solely for the sake of showing a presence or instigating conflict does not serve the perpetuation of one’s own kind. Instead, it serves to feed one’s ego. As David Lane wisely stated, our focus should be on securing the existence of our people in the future, specifically for the sake of White children. This should be our ultimate purpose.